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What is Pursue.ly?

Pursue.ly is a recruitment platform designed for hepling organizations pursue best candidates.
Pursue.ly helps you to reduce the noise in your job applications by asking questions to filter out your candidates. It also helps to filter candidates in multiple stages (just like real life) each with their own questionnaires.

Do you have any of these problems?

  • Getting too many resumes without proper skills?
  • Filtering candidates consume a lot of your time?
  • Communicating with multiple candidates a tough job?

If yes, then Pursue.ly solves these problems by:

  • Make the candidates apply that are interested in your company as well.
  • Filter the probable candidates with easy questions while applying.
  • Take the selected candidates to next level with more tough questions. Filter them in stages.
  • Communicate with candidates in one easy page showing previous communications. No need for email.
  • Spread your vacancy like wildfire with our facebook app - referrals are incentivized to help promote your job.

Still confused? Here are the three easy steps to hire:

Create a questionnaire along with your job description
Share the job url with job boards and mailing lists. Gather all applications in one place
Filter candidates based on the answers they give. Move them to next stage for more filtering

Some of Pursue.ly's features:

→ Multiple Stages


Every company has an unique recruitment workflow. Use Pursue.ly to create the same workflow here. Assign stages to any user that you like.

→ Questionnaires


Assign questionnaires to every stage that you want your candidates to answer. Filter them by the answers that they have given you.

→ Public or Private Jobs


You can create each job to be either private or public depending on your need. Public jobs get the most visibility and use private jobs to hire silently.

→ Organization Pages


Create public or private single page for your organization wherein all the jobs will be listed. Also, job seekers can follow your company for more updates.

→ Embeddable Jobs


You can embed each job or the list of all jobs under your organization in your website within 5 minutes.

→ Custom Domains


Receive resumes and CVs in your custom domains (like resumes@jobs.yourdomain.com) and the candidate will be automatically reflected in your organization in Pursue.ly. Automation made easy.

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